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Wear resistant tile lining

Headouph Engineering offers a full range of Ceramox alumina ceramic and cast basalt tile linings designed to protect against the effects of abrasive and erosive wear.

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Wear resistant ceramics

The benefits of Ceramox alumina ceramic linings have been well established with all industries from power generation to mining and cement manufacture both locally and internationally. Various grades of alumina are available to suit specific wear, corrosion, or other requirements and can be engineered or moulded to specific shapes. Headouph Engineering has been supplying and installing alumina linings and components since it’s inception in 2004.

Typical Lining Applications

Industries: Power Generation, Steel and Alloy Production, Chemical and Paper, Cement Manufacture, Mining, Metallurgical and Mineral Extraction, Sugar, Grain, Textile etc.

Equipment: Chutes, hoppers, silos feeders, mixers, centrifuge, pumps, pipelines, fans, screens, scrapers, cyclone, pulpers, launders, spiral, separators, concentrators, ducts etc.

Components manufactured: Cyclone spigots, scraper tiles, screens, wedges, guides, mechanical seals, welding ferrules, thermocouple sleeves, insulators, nozzles etc.

Typical Hardness Comparison
    Alumina Ceramic
    Cast Iron
    Carbon Steel
    Cast Basalt

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