Rubber Lining Services

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Rubber Lining Services

We offer cost-effective and durable lining solutions in both Natural and Nitrile rubbers. Our specialized rubber linings are designed for equipment and products where corrosive and abrasive protection are of utmost importance

Rubber and other polymers have been used to line pipes, tanks and equipment to protect against corrosion and abrasion. Chemical processing, mining, water treatment and other processes require materials to protect against harsh acids, alkalis and abrasives – often at elevated temperatures. Selection of the right material is critical and Spence engineers can ensure that optimal choices are made.

Installation and curing of these linings is critical for in-service performance. With over 16 years of combined service in the rubber lining industry and practical experience across Zimbabwe and around the Southern African Region, Spence personnel will perform all work according to detailed work instructions and manufacturer’s specifications.

Equipment Lined From:



*Process Vessels


*Flotation Cells

*Evaporators / Condensers

*Water Treatment Systems

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Installation Process

Surface Preparation: Whether the work is performed in the shop or at the customer site, Spence personnel ensure surfaces are prepared according to NACE and SSPC standards. Without the proper care and attention to this step, disbondment of the lining is possible – impairing the protection offered.

Procedures: A successful lining installation requires established and precise work instructions. Spence Corrosion follows nationally recognized standards as well as manufacturers specifications and our own procedures to ensure quality, consistency and reliability.

Experience: Application of linings requires skilled and experienced technicians. With over 16 years of combined experience, Spence personnel have proven abilities to install the best linings for protection of customer equipment.

Lining Materials and Characteristics

Soft Natural Rubber – excellent abrasion resistance and withstands exposure to most inorganic chemicals

Hard Natural Rubber – greater chemical resistance than soft rubber with decreased permeation

Chlorobutyl Rubber – good chemical resistance to many alkalis and acids. Higher temperature resistance than natural rubber.

Bromobutyl Rubber – improved temperature resistance as compared to chlorobutyl.

Chloroprene (Neoprene) – superior resistance to heat, ozone, weathering and many hydrocarbons

Nitrile – excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and elevated temperatures

HDPE – superior abrasion resistance and good protection from many corrosives

Fluropolymers – Excellent corrosion resistance along with ability to withstand high process temperatures (up to 260 Degrees Celsius)

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