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A V-Belt is a belt with tapered sides, used to transmit motion between two pulleys. V-Belts are the most basic belt utilized for power transmission. V-Belts provide traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings, and long service life.

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The "V" shape of the V-Belt tracks in a mating groove in a pulley or sheave, with the result that the belt cannot slip. V-Belts are also available with cogs, which further increase their efficiency. Many drive systems utilize multi-grooved sheaves to accommodate multiple V-Belts, depending on drive horse power and torque requirements. Such drives can utilize multiple individual V-Belts or the belts may have a common backing. V-Belts come in five width sizes, are standardized between manufacturers and are available in a number of different lengths.

V-Belts are generally considered the least expensive manner in which to transfer power. As V-Belt size and length gets larger, drive efficiencies decrease. Newer belts designs and styles have improved upon the V-Belt and should be considered for more complex drive design.

Please contact a Bearing Service representative to assist in recommending the right V-Belt for your application.